Founding partners

VinylPlus brings together the entire PVC industry chain, represented by its four founding members:


  • ECVM (The European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers), represents the five leading European producers of PVC resin, which account for around 70% of the EU-28 PVC resin production. These businesses operate around 40 different plants spread over 21 sites, and employ approximately 7,000 people.
  • ESPA
    (European Stabiliser Producers Association), represents 10 companies that produce more than 95% of the stabilisers sold in Europe. They employ directly more than 2,000 people in the EU.
  • European Plasticisers logoEuropean Plasticisers
    (European Plasticisers), represents the five major European producers of plasticisers and intermediates. They employ approximately 1,200 people in plasticise production.
  • EuPC (European Plastics Converters), represents close to 50,000 companies in Europe, which produce over 45 million tonnes of plastic products of various types every year. They emplox approximately 1.3 million people.