About us

VinylPlus is committed to the following guiding principles:

  • Measurable targets and deadlines – Ensure accountable objectives that all industries engaging in the programme will seek to achieve together.
  • Transparency and accountability – Guarantee openness, transparency and accountability through the involvement of external third parties in the monitoring and verification of progress and achievements.
  • Dialogue and collaboration – Work together as a united PVC value chain and engage with interested stakeholders to find solutions that no single player can implement.
  • Science-based solutions and research – Make sure that technologies, processes and materials are assessed according to solid, credible and science-based sustainability indicators.
  • Priority to sustainability innovation – Prioritise research, design and innovation that enhance the sustainability potential of PVC.
  • Labelling and traceability – Ensure that consumers, users and public procurers are provided with clear and correct information, facilitating the recognition of sustainable and recycled products.
  • Global action and knowledge transfer – Play an active part in supporting an integrated, cross-border, sustainable and circular PVC value chain, including through best-practice sharing and cooperation with other regional PVC actors at the global level.
About us