Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee was set up as an independent body, open to external stakeholders, to guarantee VinylPlus’ transparency, participation and accountability.
The Committee plays an active role in evaluating VinylPlus’ actions and initiatives, provides guidance and advice, and stimulates the industry to rise to new challenges in sustainable development. To ensure maximum transparency, the minutes of each Monitoring Committee meeting are published on the VinylPlus website after formal approval.


  • Ms Laure Baillargeon – Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW), European Commission
  • Mr Werner Bosmans – Directorate-General Environment (DG ENV), European Commission
  • Mr Armand De Wasch – Euroconsumers Group
  • Dr Brigitte Dero – Managing Director of VinylPlus
  • Prof. Dr Ir. Jo Dewulf – Chairman of the Monitoring Committee
  • Mr Ondrej Knotek – Member of the European Parliament
  • Mr Sylvain Lefebvre – Deputy General Secretary, industriAll European Trade Union
  • Mr Nuno Melo – Member of the European Parliament
  • Dr Ettore Nanni – Treasurer of VinylPlus
  • Mr Geoffroy Tilleux– Managing Director of the Vinyl Foundation


To ensure maximum transparency, the minutes of the Monitoring Committee meetings are published online after formal approval at the following meeting.

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