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  • Progress Report 2011

    Progress Report 2011

    Vinyl 2010 is the organisation set up to implement the Voluntary Commitment of the  European PVC industry. This is a 10-year plan to progress the PVC industry towards  sustainability by minimising the environmental impact of PVC production, promoting  responsible use of additives, supporting collection and recycling schemes, and  encouraging social dialogue between all of the industry’s stakeholders and beyond.

  • Progress Report 2010 - Executive Summaries

    Progress Report 2010 - Executive Summaries

    The Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry was signed in 2000. It is a 10-year plan to ensure and improve product stewardship across the lifecycle of PVC, within a context of sustainable development. Vinyl 2010 is the structure set up to organise and implement this commitment.

  • Progress Report 2009

    Progress Report 2009

    Vinyl 2010 is the European PVC industry’s 10-year Voluntary Commitment for sustainable development and product stewardship across the life cycle of PVC. The Voluntary Commitment was set up in 2000 to minimise the environmental impact of the PVC production, promote responsible use of additives, support collection and recycling schemes, and encourage social dialogue between all of the industry’s stakeholders.

  • Progress Report 2008

    Progress Report 2008

    Sustainable Development and product stewardship across the life cycle of PVC have inspired the approach of the European PVC industry’s Voluntary Commitment since its origin in 2000.

  • Progress Report 2007

    Progress Report 2007

    The Progress Report is Vinyl 2010’s annual review of progress towards the targets set out in the Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry.

  • Progress Report 2005

    Progress Report 2005

    Vinyl 2010 shows the commitment of the PVC industry to present and future generations and aims at ensuring high levels of economic dynamism, environmental protection and social welfare as part of Sustainable Development.

  • Progress Report 2004

    Progress Report 2004

    Four years have passed since the establishment of Vinyl 2010 and once again I am pleased to report steady progress toward our long-term goals of sustainability.

  • Progress Report - 2003

    Progress Report - 2003

    World leaders last year in Johannesburg declared sustainable develop- ment a "central element of the international agenda".

    Together as Vinyl 2010, the European PVC production and converting chain has been working hard to ensure that the challenge of sustainable development is taken to heart. We are relentlessly improving production processes and products, investing in technolo- gy, minimising emissions and waste and boosting collection and recycling.

  • Progress Report 2002

    Progress Report 2002

    This second report on the Voluntary Commitment of the PVC industry fulfils our promise to publish an annual progress review. Public reporting is a key element of our voluntary approach and it demonstrates our willingness to work openly with all stakeholders.

  • Progress Report 2001

    Progress Report 2001

    The signature of our VoluntaryCommitment in March last year broke new ground for the industry by setting out a partnership approach involving each part of the PVC supply chain to deliver commitments that cover the whole PVC lifecycle.