Versatile vinyl for a resilient Europe

Europe is facing many challenges in the years ahead. The transition to a green, climate neutral future requires a rapid build up of renewable energy. Large-scale renovation is needed to make our homes more energy-efficient. As the European population ages, the need for healthcare grows steadily. Due to climate change, rainfall is increasing in intensity and frequency in some areas, while other parts of Europe are experiencing droughts. This requires smart adaptation in the way we handle water. The combination of climatic changes, increasing urbanisation in Europe, and a growing global population means we must produce our food more efficiently and sustainably, and if possible close to where we live.

Choosing the right materials is essential to build a resilient Europe – from the hidden infrastructure transporting drinking water to medical devices and hospital buildings, to the wind turbines that produce green energy. As one of the most versatile materials available, vinyl (or PVC) plays a vital role in the green transition. Already today, vinyl is the most used plastic in construction and medical devices. Vinyl is safe, low carbon, durable, and can be recycled again and again.

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SustainabilityVersatile Vinyl for a Resilient Europe