profine – New Member of the VinylPlus® Product Label Community

16 February 2021

VinylPlus is happy to announce that profine has become the 11th PVC converter joining the VinylPlus® Product Label Community, with ten profile systems (System 70 AD, Systems 76 AD/76 MD/76 K-Vision, Systems 88 AD/88MD, PremiDoor 76, PremiDoor 88, Kömmerling C70, Kömmerling O70, PremiLine 80) and the first five skin foam sheets (KömaCel, KömaDur, KömaTex, KömaStyle, KömaPan, KömaPrint) certified with the VinylPlus scheme.

VinylPlus congratulates profine for the excellent work done during the audit despite the difficult conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and hopes that the VinylPlus® Product Label will help the company in its sustainability journey.

VinylPlus is also happy to announce the successful recent recertification of the Epwin’s (Spectus Elite, Profile 22 Optima, Swish 24/7) and  Internorm’s (System 71-80, System 90) profile systems.

Congratulations to the companies using the VinylPlus® Product Label to provide transparent communication on key sustainability indicators to the architects, designers and specifiers of building projects!

With this new certification, a total number of 128 PVC building and construction products manufactured in 10 European countries currently hold a valid VinylPlus sustainability certificate.

For more information on the certified products, check the VinylPlus Product Label website.

profine – New Member of the VinylPlus® Product Label Community