She Runs 2022: Plastic reuse in action

16 September 2022

300 girls participated in the sporting event promoting girl empowerment through sports and education.

On 14 September VinylPlus participated in ISF She Runs - Active Girls' Lead, supporting women empowerment and leadership for girls through sport and education. The international event welcomed over 300 girls from more than 20 countries aged 13 to 18 and more than 2000 Brussels’ girls. VinylPlus supported the 2nd edition of She Runs to highlight the key role of PVC in sports as a versatile and reusable material.

VinylPlus has extensive experience promoting the sustainable use of PVC throughout its value chain, with a goal of expanding its reach to the wider public. Creating a partnership with ISF represents an important opportunity to engage with an active young audience and highlight the role of PVC in improving the sustainability performance of sporting events to a broader audience.

The key principle of the 2022 edition is reuse. During the day, the same PVC flooring used at the European Week of Sports in 2019 was reused, showing how the material is resistant to time, weather conditions, and usage without losing its properties. Pouches and bags donated to participants come from a reused advertising banner; all the sports equipment showcased was also in PVC, to demonstrate once again the versatility of this material.

VinylPlus and She Runs renewed the signature of their Environmental Action to ensure the manufacture, supply, and disposal of PVC products in accordance with VinylPlus’ sustainability programme; moreover, it ensures all PVC products were procured on the principle of their reusability, and their actual reuse will be ensured.
“It was important to develop the She Runs Environmental Action to highlight the use of more sustainable material such as PVC, especially since it has been long used in sport, due to its unique functional properties” explains Brigitte Dero, Managing Director of VinylPlus.

She Runs 2022: Plastic reuse in action