The Progress Report 2022 is out!

25 May 2022

In occasion of the 10th VinylPlus Sustainability Forum, we have just released our Progress Report 2022, reporting on our 2021 activities.

Despite the difficult economic conditions, 810,775 tonnes of PVC waste were recycled and used in new products within the VinylPlus framework, which represents around 26.9% of the total PVC waste generated in 2021 in the EU-27, Norway, Switzerland and the UK. VinylPlus recycling rate is above the 23.1% recycling rate estimated by AMI Consulting for the overall plastics recycling in Europe in 2021.

The annual Progress Report details VinylPlus’ achievements in increasing the sustainability performance and use of PVC, as a material fit for a circular economy, and towards the targets set for the entire European PVC value chain. The 2022 Progress Report has been independently verified by SGS, while tonnages of recycled PVC waste and expenditures have been audited and certified by KPMG.

The Progress Report 2022 is out!