Our Structure

VinylPlus is the legal entity set up to provide the organisational infrastructure to manage and monitor the implementation of the programme built around the European PVC industry’s commitment to sustainable development.

Progress is overseen by the members or the Steering Board, which brings together representatives from all parts of the PVC  value-chain. In addition, an independent Monitoring Committee, with the majority of members being external stakeholders, guarantees openness, transparency and accountability of VinylPlus’ initiatives.

VinylPlus operates in coordination with hundreds of PVC converting companies who are part of the Vinyl Foundation, a not-for-profit and independently-managed trust, and also with a large number of sector-specific and national PVC associations. Some of these associations and sector groups receive funding from VinylPlus to run their own technical and communication projects to increase sustainability awareness across Europe.
A selected group of representatives from private companies, sector groups and associations help VinylPlus handle a number of technical and communication activities by being part of our taskforces at which best practice and ideas are regularly shared. Their work helps creating effective synergies to communicate about our work both across the value chain and towards external stakeholders.

To promote recycling, Recovinyl® was set up in 2003 to facilitate the development of PVC waste collection and recycling schemes. It has evolved to become a certification programme focused on stablishing a “pull market’ for recyclate.

Since its launch, VinylPlus has been working with the international NGO The Natural Step who helped defining the five key challenges of the Voluntary Commitment and provides regular and critical input on what the main direction of the programme should be.

Visit the Our Partners section to learn more about VinylPlus’ current partners and the Founding members section to discover the driving organisations behind the programme.

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