Recovinyl’s mission extends to optimising the resource efficiency of the PVC industry by mediating between recyclers and converters to establish a trustworthy relationship and material flow based on a recycled PVC material (recyclate) certification system. Recovinyl is a key part of the VinylPlus programme and  the main contributor to PVC recycling in Europe. Established in 2003, Recovinyl is an initiative by the European PVC value-chain aimed at facilitating PVC waste collection and recycling under the Voluntary Commitments of Vinyl 2010 and now VinylPlus.

Recovinyl certifies companies that recycle PVC waste as well as accredited converting companies that purchase recycled PVC to manufacture new PVC products. By certifying the quality and quantity of the recycled PVC that is produced and purchased, Recovinyl stimulates the supply of post-consumer and post-industrial PVC waste being recycled in Europe by creating a demand for recycled PVC material in the converting industry.

Recovinyl works in partnership with consumers, businesses, municipalities, waste-management companies, recyclers and converters, as well as the European Commission and national and local governments.

In 2020, Recovinyl was heavily involved in the EU Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) Monitoring Working Group. It contributed its experience to define a shared methodology of reporting and to draft the CPA audit protocol for recyclers and converters and the requirements for the data collector.

In 2020, Recovinyl also developed RecoTraceTM , a new database for recyclers and converters in line with the CPA requirements and objectives, which is now ready for use in the new VinylPlus Commitment.

A new traceability survey was carried out by Recovinyl in 2020 to verify in which applications PVC waste recycled in 2019 had been used.

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