Circular Plastics Alliance

The EU Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) is a collective endeavour aimed at taking actions to boost the EU market for recycled plastics to 10 million tonnes by 2025, a target set by the European Commission in its 2018 Plastics Strategy.

VinylPlus has committed to recycling 900,000 tonnes of PVC per year into new products by 2025 and at least one million tonnes by 2030.

More than 275 organisations – representing industry, academia and public authorities and covering the whole plastics value chain and interested stakeholders – have to date signed the declaration of the Circular Plastics Alliance, which was officially launched in September 2019. These organisations included VinylPlus, several of its partners and PVC sectoral associations.

The Circular Plastics Alliance calls for a shift to zero plastic waste in nature and zero landfilling, and it builds on several concrete actions:

  • The improvement of the design of plastic products to make them more recyclable
  • The identification of solutions to further enhance plastic waste collection, sorting and recycling across the EU
  • Setting a research-and-development agenda for circular plastics
  • Establishing a transparent and reliable monitoring system.

The operational work is assured by six dedicated Working Groups – one for Monitoring and five for industry sectors: Packaging; Automotive; Construction; Electronic and Electrical Equipment; and Agriculture.

Since December 2019, the VinylPlus Managing Director has been chairing the CPA Construction Working Group. In 2020, this working group actively contributed to the first deliverables of the CPA, namely the Research and Development Agenda and the Design for Recycling Guidelines. It also made progress on other deliverables such as collection and sorting, recycled content and monitoring.

“I am very pleased with the commitment and the proactive role of VinylPlus in the Circular Plastics Alliance. We in DG GROW know that we can count on you as a top class and reliable member in the Construction Working Group of the Alliance. In fact, VinylPlus is a perfect example of how to make circular economy a reality.”

Kirsi Ekroth-Manssila

Head of Unit, DG GROW - European Commission

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