Partnering with the Sports Community

PVC plays a vital role in sports:

it allows for a combination of durability, resistance and functionality with environmental responsibility.

PVC is strong, extremely durable, requires minimal maintenance, is fire resistant, and most importantly, can be recycled multiple times without losing its key properties.

It is also one of the most versatile materials available, meaning that in the sporting world it is used in stadiums and sport centers for everything: from roofing, façade membranes, piping for freshwater and irrigation systems, to profiles, cables, flooring and seating.

PVC is also extensively used in sport equipment and protective gear.

Discover below the partnerships of VinylPlus in the sport community, and learn more about the use of vinyl in sport applications!

She Runs

We are proud to partner with ISF to promote the importance of participation of young women in sport ​for wellbeing, health, and empowerment purposes.

PVC is the material of many applications of the Sport Village: its durability, strength, and resistance to weather conditions makes it a great material for sport equipment and gear.

PVC in Sports

It is difficult to imagine a sporting world without PVC.
The material’s hard-wearing properties and long lifespan, as well as the fact that it can be used in all types of weather, are the main reasons why PVC is popular in the world of sports.

PVC in Cycling

PVC, or vinyl, plays an essential role in cycling. It is used for many parts that make up a bicycle and the products that make this sport possible every day.

PVC in Stadiums

Hard-wearing, flexible and cost-effective: there are many good reasons for using PVC in the construction of big stadiums.
PVC is used in many of the world’s largest stadiums for everything from underground water pipes, comfortable spectator seating, flexible roofing, covering for shock-absorbent floors and live cables for sophisticated irrigation systems.

Yoga Day

VinylPlus partnered with Belgium Yoga Day in the 2020 and 2021 editions.

We provided PVC yoga mats for the event, which were donated afterwards to hospitals and youth associations.

European Week of Sport

In September 2019, VinylPlus was also involved in the European Week of Sport, the largest publicly-funded sports initiative in the world, organised by the European Commission.
In collaboration with the non-profit citizenship association Schuman Square, VinylPlus was present for one week at the Schuman roundabout, in the heart of Brussels’ European Institutions district, for the campaign Sport for All, No Borders No Limits

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