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VinylPlus welcomes private businesses and associations from Europe to join its programme for sustainable development. We believe that our success depends on the participation of the largest possible number of companies, especially from the conversion industry and downstream users such as recyclers, retailers and brand holders.

What is the VinylPlus Partnership?

What’s in it for you?

Socially responsible excellence

Partnering with VinylPlus means joining a “Club of Excellence” for companies living up to their Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and making a difference.
CSR is part of Europe’s 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Committed to sustainability

Being a VinylPlus partner demonstrates your understanding of the importance of sustainability in our products, industry and society. Every partner receives a Membership Certificate showcasing their commitment to VinylPlus.

Engaging with the whole value chain

The partnership of VinylPlus is the joint industry’s engagement with the common purpose of meeting society’s needs with a sustainable product.
It is a growing body bringing together different players across the value chain, and encouraging that value chain to expand.

Tangible projects & results

Every Euro cent put into VinylPlus is multiplied. The programme spends the majority of its budget in downstream converting projects and recycling as well as communication projects to promote sustainability awareness across Europe. 70% of our efforts are financed by the resin and additive producers.

Robust road map

VinylPlus defined five key challenges, through scientific analysis, with established targets. The results and progress are published in an annual independently audited progress report.
Each of the challenges is based on NGO The Natural Step System Conditions for a Sustainable Society.

Mailin Bode, General Manager Corporate Development, talks why RENOLIT is a VinylPlus partner.


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