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New hospital in VinylPlus® Med: GZA Ziekenhuizen Campus Sint-Augustinus

30 June 2023

We're happy to announce that GZA Ziekenhuizen Campus Sint-Augustinus in Antwerp has become the 17th hospital to join the VinylPlus® Med recycling scheme for PVC medical devices.

GZA Ziekenhuizen Campus Sint-Augustinus is a leading hospital located in Wilrijk, a district of Antwerp, Belgium. As a key component of the larger GZA Hospitals group, the Sint-Augustinus campus is recognized for its comprehensive healthcare services and specialized departments, from cardiology and orthopedics to maternity and pediatric care. Its state-of-the-art facilities are staffed by a dedicated team of medical professionals committed to offering excellent patient care.

The hospital’s innovative approach integrates the latest in medical technology with compassionate care, ensuring it meets a diverse range of health needs. Moreover, the hospital engages in significant research activity, contributing to the broader field of medical science and advancing patient care. Always keeping patient wellbeing at its core, GZA Ziekenhuizen Campus Sint-Augustinus continues to deliver high-quality healthcare services in the region.

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VinylPlus MedNew hospital in VinylPlus® Med: GZA Ziekenhuizen Campus Sint-Augustinus