The Ongoing Progress of VinylPlus

25 September 2015

How the European PVC value chain managed to take the journey from being severely criticised to become a role model for how industry can achieve sustainable change.

PVC, also known as vinyl, is a plastic material found in an ever-expanding array of applications—from construction materials like windows and piping to medical devices such as blood bags and tubing. In this article we will tell the story of how the European PVC industry, through large investments and partnerships, transformed the material from being vilified to play an important role in the battle against climate change and establishing a circular economy.

Because most PVC products are durable, fully recyclable, light-weight and have a low carbon footprint, PVC has been recognised as a material for the future. This remarkable journey of the material has only been possible because of the European PVC industry’s voluntary commitments Vinyl 2010 and VinylPlus.

The Ongoing Progress of VinylPlus