VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2018

16.05.2018 - 17.05.2018

The sixth edition of the Vinylplus Sustainability Forum took place on the 16th and 17th May 2018 in Madrid, Spain. Its theme, "Meeting Societal Needs", explored how the vinyl sector and its products can provide concrete and sustainable solutions to help meet the wide-ranging challenges of providing essential services for a growing global population in areas such as healthcare, housing and related infrastructure.

The Forum focused on policy frameworks and agreements by governments, political groups and industries, so as to identify drivers that would incentivise businesses and their alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The event attracted top-level speakers from more than 140 stakeholders from 30 countries representing the European Commission, European Parliament, the United Nations, consumer organisations, academia, specifiers, designers, architects, recyclers and the PVC value chain.

On the way to a more sustainable society we need high quality and affordable products which are accessible to a large segment of the population. The whole value chain must work together to provide quality and durable products which, at the end of their useful life, can be recycled and re-introduced back into the economy for the benefit of the consumer and society as a whole. Here the role of industry voluntary commitments such as VinylPlus is crucial.

The seventh edition of the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum will take place this May 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic.

For more information: noelle.tracey@plasticseurope.org

Recap of the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2018 from VinylPlus on Vimeo.

VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2018