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Hospital wall covering with recycled medical PVC exhibited at the Plastic Pavilion

19 June 2023

In a remarkable example of sustainable innovation, the Plastic Pavilion in Copenhagen will showcase a unique hospital wall covering made from recycled medical PVC. The wall covering, a product of a collaboration between waste management company Renewi, plastics recycler Raff Plastics, and the PVC industry, is a testament to the potential of plastic recycling in creating sustainable solutions.

Disposable medical devices from a network of Belgian hospitals are transformed into aesthetic and long-lasting wall coverings for healthcare facilities. The collection and recycling process involves high quality PVC disposables that have not been in contact with infectious patients and are free of substances of concern​.

The Dutch company Vescom has produced the vinyl wall covering using regrind PVC obtained through an environmentally friendly process. The resulting wall covering is hygienic, stable, resistant to chemicals, and shock-absorbent, making it ideal for walls that must be protected from collisions with hospital equipment. Furthermore, vinyl contributes to a holistic architectural design expression and is easily recyclable​.

The Plastic Pavilion, initiated by The Danish Plastics Federation (Plastindustrien), serves as a platform to display innovative and sustainable plastic products and solutions. Located on Gammel Strand in Copenhagen from June 21 to July 14, the pavilion is a part of the UIA World Congress of Architects taking place from July 2 to 6, 2023​​. The pavilion not only showcases these breakthroughs but also hosts events, talks, and public gatherings, becoming a hub for sustainable societies built with plastic​.

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VinylPlus MedHospital wall covering with recycled medical PVC exhibited at the Plastic Pavilion