Progress Report 2011

22 June 2011

Vinyl 2010 is the organisation set up to implement the Voluntary Commitment of the  European PVC industry. This is a 10-year plan to progress the PVC industry towards  sustainability by minimising the environmental impact of PVC production, promoting  responsible use of additives, supporting collection and recycling schemes, and  encouraging social dialogue between all of the industry’s stakeholders and beyond.

Originally signed in March 2000 and covering the EU-15, the Voluntary Commitment  has since been expanded as the EU has enlarged and now covers all EU-27 countries.  In 2010, approaching the conclusion of the 10-year programme, and building  on the achievements and the awareness of the importance of sustainable  development and social responsibility, the Vinyl 2010 Board, together with the  four associations represented in Vinyl 2010, decided to move forward with a new  Voluntary Programme currently under development.

This report summarises the Vinyl 2010 progresses and achievements for 2010 and  reports on the final results of the Voluntary Commitment. All the information reported  are independently audited and verified by external third parties. A full glossary of  abbreviations appears at the end of the Progress Report to aid the reader.

Progress Report 2011